12th September, 2015…….
Do we Really need to go to tour operators for our trips? 
Is is that they can understand better our needs? 
I always wonder why we need a tour operator to do all these things for us. When no one else can understand our needs better than ourselves. Every time we have a disappointment from our packages and tour operator and every new trip is organized by a new tour operator. We keep our time wasting in searching good deals from 20 odd operators every time. Comparing the deals and hotels and in last we tell them what is the best for us. 
They just enjoy the coordination work and make hell lot of money from us for the all packages that we want. Let me share my experience how do Search Engine and Facebook can help you on planning your trip weather its a abroad or within India. Just its a matter of 30 minutes to devote from your schedule. 
  1. Always decide on when you want to go and where. 
  2. Simply type the best time to visit……………(where you want to go)on google search bar. 
  3. Once you know the best time and off season just choose the time when the season is about to start and a week before. 
  4. The best site I found is sky scanner and Trip Advisor to create the Alert for the flights to book the tickets. If travelling by Airways. 
  5. Book the lowest fare that you get from these sites and you will really don’t need to hire a tour operator. 
  6. Same way you can create the alert for the hotels and they keep sending you the lowest rates and offers for the hotels as well. Tip: I don’t know how many of you know or not the google will show lot of advertisements on the browser of your last search always. Same way join and like the pages of your favorite tour operating sites and Facebook will also show you the same things. 
  7. And the last one just track these things while you are busy doing your work at office or exploring on net and rest all work is done by these search engines to plan your travel and holidays all according to the needs of your family 

So Next just devote 30 minutes to plan your Trip. and Pack your Bags to your favorite Destination…