Looking to spend a day or a night at Lonavala in Maharashtra. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the 2nd Century BC dated  Bhaja Caves located near Lonavala in Pune district of Maharashtra. The Buddhist monks lived here and carved the rocks, which opened the doors to the travellers. The caves were the route of trade between the Arabian sea and the deccan. one of the prayer hall in 45 metres long and 14 metres in height.There are more than 16 caves system in this area. Each cave is a complex if several stupa and monasteries. These caves were the resting place for the Buddhist monks.

Inscriptions and Statues of Buddha which were added later in the development of these cave systems are eye catching and mesmerising. Each stupa are said to be the symbol of each monk resided in these caves. States of God Indra and Sun can also be seen here looking down at the Village.

How to Reach Kalra Bhaja Caves 

Its 12 kms ahead of Lonavala accessed by car and bus both. You need to climb some where around 300 steps to reach these caves. Lonavala is well accessible from Pune city and Mumbai. All the major international flight and Indian Railways are well connected to both the cities.

Things to Remember 

  • Wear Tracking shoes to climb the steep stars leading to the caves system.
  • Do not forget to take all the necessary food and water supply.
  • Try and wear cotton and comfortable clothing at the time of summers.
  • Take the rain coat or umbrella wit you in rainy season.

Malta an archaeological destination with one of the most scenic beaches of Mediterranean. Located on the North cost of Africa Malta is know for its historical sites of the Roman British and French Succession. Malta is a great place with all year around destination for sun, beach, chapels and lot more culture.

We see Malta with the narrow streets of towns and villages leading to the main square. Inhabited with the old chapels, churches, medieval towers and lot more. Not less than any open air museum that you see way along exploring the country.

Malta waits and see not only a leisure destination in the Mediterranean. But also a cultural destination influenced by the succession of different rulers in the island nation. For those who are looking for the relaxed romantic relaxation Maltese Island  are the papering heaven.

Malta is the largest island and the cultural and administrative centre for the country. Gozo is the second largest island and famous for its tourism purpose. Comino is is the third inhabited island of the country open for tourism.

Things to do:

  1. John’s Co Cathedral -Valletta UNESCO a world heritage site 15 minutes walk from the capital City and door step to most of the cruise Liner.
  2. The Medieval Hilltop Mdina Old City
  3. Game of Thrones Filming Location.
  4. Cittadella Visitors Centre (Victoria)
  5. The Idyllic Island of Gozo
  6. Historical Attractions of Raba, Malta Island
  7. Prehistoric Tarxien Temples, Island of Malta
  8. Blue Lagoon, Island of Comino: Nature’s Perfect Swimming Pool
  9. The Blue Grotto, Island of Malta
  10. Breathtaking view from Dingli Cliffs, Island of Malta
  11. Golden Bay Beach, Island of Malta
  12. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay and Gnejna Bay Beaches, Island of Malta
  13. The Sea Side Charm of Mellieha, Island of Malta
  14. Hagar Qim Temples – A prehistoric Site
  15. Mnajdra Temples of Maltese Bronze Age
  16. Siggiewi – A Traditional Village
  17. Village of Zebbug
  18. Popeye Village, Island of Malta

Visa for Indian 

Schengen visa has to be obtained from the embassy or consulate of the High Commission of Malta situated in India. You can contact and go to the website of VFS global for all the details of the Visa fees and processing time.

Getting Around Malta 

Unlike any other European country. Tourist can cycle around the city keeping in view of the narrow streets and slopes. Travelling to Valletta by public transport is more easy. Many buses tart and finish their journey at the Main Terminus just outside City Gate. The Malta Public Transport company also operates a convenient circular route around Valletta. For more info go to http://www.publictransport.com.mt.

A system of electric cabs is also in operation within Valletta. A romantic alternative is to use horse-drawn carriages known as Karozzin.

Whatever means of transport you choose to adopt, you will find that Valletta is highly accessible, and the locals are always eager to show you the way.

Keep watching about Malta in our next blogs.

Best Holidays are Planned when its Low Season at any destination. It is always Advised to make any plan for the budget travellers. The travellers who are not looking for the travel in vacation time can also for the low season to travel.
Let me tell you about the Low season for different destination in the South East Asian countries. When you can save on the money on flights and hotels.

Bali Indonesia:

When to go – April to October when temperature is between 24 degree to 30 degree is the best time to save on the travel to Bali and other Indonesian cities. July to September is always a Peak Season for Bali where flights and hotels are expensive.


When to go – Being close to equator its always hot and humid. But still January to March and June to September are comparatively low season for Malaysia to Travel with best deals on hotel and flights.


When to go – Same as Malaysia Singapore is also humid all around the year but its advisable to travel in June to August when its dry and you can grab a lot of deals over the hotels.


Bangkok – November to January average temperature drops to around 24 degree in these months

Chiang Mai – November to February because of its proximity to the hills average temperature in the day time remains around 30 degrees. Low Season remains attractive from May to October

Koh Samui – April to September and January to March  is the ideal time.But October to December been the rainy season it remains a low season for the destination.

Phuket – May to October been the rainy season you can grab a lot of discounts and value added services by the hotel.


When to go – May to October will the best time with temperature touching to 40 degrees at some places in Vietnam. When you can grab good deals with the hotels and flights are relatively cheaper for the travel in these months.