The surrealistic firefly dance in the village of Purushwadi

Purushwadi located almost 180 km from Mumbai situated in Ahmednagar district. They have some of the unique species of flies that emit light in the night. The region is full of natural beauty, lakes and Western Ghats. These unique species are not the flies which emit fire light. But these are beetles that have a natural phenomenon to attract their preys or mates. This phenomenon of so called fireflies take place in the month of May and June. This is the mating season for the beatles. Grassroots is an NGO thats helping in providing the tourism opportunity to the villagers.
How to Reach  
Its convenient to travel from Mumbai Pune and Nasik for the destination by road. Its a remote village so travelling by car is the best mode.
Month to Travel 
May and June before the first shower of Rain. As soon the rain Starts these unique species start dying.
Where to Stay
You have MTDC resorts in Bhandardara nearby village that you can book before hand. Lot more other options are available to stay. Purushwadi village is close to Bhandardara and have more good options to stay.

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