Facts to Know about Cambodia

When ever anyone travels to another country it’s important to understand the culture and know about that country.
Cambodia is becoming one of the top destination for the backpackers and leisure travellers. There fore it’s good to understand some of the facts about the divine country.

1. Cambodia changes it’s name with the change of government.
2. Cambodia is the only country which have a building on its national flag.
3. Cambodia is a country where people do not celebrate their birthdays. Older people even don’t know when they were born.
4. Tonle’ sap is the river system in Cambodia that changes it’s flow twice in a year. In monsoon river flows In a  opposite direction as it flows in summers.
5. In Cambodia, it is considered impolite to point the bottom of your feet towards someone.
 6.Tarantulas are eaten in Cambodia as a snack. During the reign of Pol Pot, Cambodians ate locally found tarantulas as other foods were often scarce. 
7. Cambodian capital is the land of mopeds. There are 1.5 million people in Phnom Penh, and 1.3 million mopeds.
8. In Cambodia, street vendors packs the soft drinks and shakes In a plastic bag with a straw. It’s cheaper then buying the cups. So that they can recycle the bottles.
9. Inspire of rash driving in Cambodia people don’t honk.
So next time you visit cambodiaake sure hi know some of these facts so that it helps you understand Cambodia better. These facts will make you feel like you the country before hand. 


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