Delhi Food Truck Festival 11th Nov, 2017

Fingerlicious smacking BBQ food is awesome for a Lazy Weekend. Indulge your self in the smacking BBQ food this weekend 11th Nov, 2017 and 12th Nov, 2017 for the Delhi Food Truck Festival at Nehru Stadium.

Start your journey for some of the best food trucks in Delhi NCR this weekend at Nehru Stadium. More than 40 trucks will participate this time with live BBQ. It’s a festival that electrify the mix of food and Live performances and music for the perfect weekend.
If you want to join the event there is a small price to be paid. I think this price will not bother most of us for amazing food trucks that are far way from our locality. You can book the tickets online beforehand to insure your entry to the festival.

Enjoy this weekend with some of the amazing trucks around Delhi.



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