Apply VISA on Arrival for Thailand before you Leave

Its a 5 step simple way to apply the visa on arrival for Thailand before you leave for Thailand. It becomes simpler and convenient to apply for VOA before your departure.

Simply take the Following steps to apply for VOA for Thailand

Step 1  Log on to the Thailand Immigration Bureau page

Step 2 Select the page according to your category (Agent or Tourist) and complete the form. Fill in all the required spaces and make sure that all the given information is correct (both spelling and data).

At the end of the process when you submit the form. You will receive the Transaction Reference Number (TRN).

Step 3 Take the print out of the completed form and make sure TRN is visible.

Step 4 Fly to Thailand and enjoy the thailand hospitality on board experience and service.

Step 5 After your arrival, go directly to the visa on arrival counter and submit the print out form.




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